Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2: Seven Tips on How to Escape Raccoon City

Leon and Claire are in for a lot of trouble and you may just need a little extra guidance to help them pull through.

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With Resident Evil 2 recently getting remade and re-released this month, we've put together a little list of pointers that will help you get through Raccoon City without too many bites. Even for seasoned veterans of Resident Evil games, there might be a few things on this list that help, and for newbies, it could prove invaluable. So, after all that, here are our top tips:

1. The Undead will rise again
Those pesky zombies are amazingly disgusting creatures that lurch towards you. You fire a
few rounds into them, especially in the head and they go down. Sadly, they don't all stay down for long and many of them just get back up for another bite. Unless you burn them with either a flame round or the flamethrower, blow their heads off - which is very satisfying we should add - or have a stroke of luck, they seem to keep coming back. It adds a level of fear to the game and you need to always be on your guard. It doesn't help that there's not enough ammo to dispatch everything, especially on the harder difficulties. Try blowing their legs off to slow them down as they pull themselves along the ground, but then be aware not to get caught on the ankle. This also helps with tip number six.

Resident Evil 2

2. Manage your herbs
Herbs are back. Green, Red and blue can all be used. Green for health, Red to make the
mixtures stronger, and blue is anti-poison. Early on you will learn all about them, but don't
make the mistake of using a single green herb. Instead, try combining them to make them
stronger, and only use them when your health is dangerously low.

3. Stay clear of Mr. X
The tyrant in the hat is back, and once again he's relentless. He chases you and there's not much you can do to stop him. In other words, don't waste that precious ammo on him because it does next to nothing. If you do really get stuck, fire a few rounds into his head and run away. He'll stay down for around 15 seconds before coming back after you. He does interrupt you at some very inconvenient moments, so expect him to burst through that door, and make sure to look all around as you hear those thumping footsteps... oh, and run! There's no shame in running.

4. Make resource runs and bank your resources for later
Every now and then you'll come across a typewriter where you can save your progress. There is usually a storage box alongside where you can put in all the wonderful treasures you find. On the normal setting, the map will show you anything you have seen on your travels, so take some time to head out and pick up the items. Then come back and put them in your box. You can't carry everything, and many times in the game you won't be able to return to some areas. In other words, save them and use them later on. We saved lots of ammo and herbs for when things got harder. Also, there are lots of boards to seal up windows. Use them in the areas you walk down most and then you won't have to face new zombies every five minutes. Oh, and save before you go on your runs as sometimes things just go wrong.

Resident Evil 2

5. Save your Shotgun and Grenade launcher for later
Leon's shotgun and Claire's grenade launcher land pretty early on in the game, and it feels great to blow the hell out of zombies with them. Just, don't do it. Save these weapons for the harder, faster enemies like lickers. Trying to take down a licker with a 9mm is bloody frustrating, so you'll need those bigger guns. Later on, you'll find other weapons like a flamethrower, but these shouldn't be wasted on easier enemies. You'll know when to use them when the time comes.

6. Dodge the zombies
Dodging zombies is probably your best bet. They are a bit unpredictable, but if you can lure them out and then run past them, you'll save a lot of ammo. Just don't forget where you left them. This is made easier when you blow their legs off. Don't get us wrong, there are some you have to put down, but choose your battles wisely. Oh, and with the lickers, kill them without hesitation and don't leave them for later. Mr. X, on the other hand, is where dodging has to become an art form.

7. Keep something good in your secondary slot
You get back-up weapons like flash grenades that can be used to stun the hearing of a blind licker or grenades that can take out a bunch of shambling zombies. However, if you leave them in your secondary slot, they can be used to get you out of a very tricky situation. As the zombie or licker comes in for a bite, you can bang a knife in them and save yourself. Don't forget to pick up the knife after you've put your foe down as it can be re-used a few times. Even better is sticking a grenade in their mouths and watching their heads blow off.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this guide. As a little bonus, we'll say don't forget to play both campaigns as you'll visit different areas and see new things if you do. Just because one campaign is finished, it doesn't mean that the game is over. Both Claire and Leon have second runs, which means each character has two different runs. Then, of course, there are other modes to open up such as Hunk the fourth survivor, and you can play as a piece of tofu. That's six and counting, with more coming in March. There's lots of replay value here, so it ain't over till it's over.

Oh, and one final thing. Good luck, you might just need it.

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