Resident Evil

Resident Evil celebrates its 20th anniversary

Evil has been residing in the gaming industry for two decades.

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Today it's 20 years since Capcom released a terrifying title which would set the bar for horror games in many years to come. Shinji Mikami's Resident Evil became a bigger brand than the Japanese company could have dreamed, and with several spin-offs and a movie franchise it's been an important part of the developer's history.

We take a minute today and clear out any aggravation regarding what the series has become, and instead we celebrate that Resident Evil will be remembered for at least 20 more years to come - both inside and outside of the gaming industry.

Check out the developer's own interview with Capcom's producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi in the video below. Oh, and be extra aware of rabid dogs when walking by any windows today.

Resident Evil

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