Returnal blends mystery and action in intriguing new trailer

The PlayStation 5 exclusive keeps climbing on our list of most anticipated games.

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The talented folks at Housemarque aren't exactly known for making games with amazing stories, but are without a doubt some of the best when it comes to gameplay. That's why it's been interesting to see how most of the trailers we've gotten from Returnal have included some mysterious first-person sequences and intriguing narration. Today's is no different, and that definitely not a bad thing.

Just like Hades, it seems like Returnal is set to have a narrative reason for its protagonist's ability to be brought back from the dead, and learning more about this and her past sure sounds fascinating to me. It doesn't exactly hurt that the gameplay keeps on looking absolutely amazing with lots of intense action, horrifying enemies, cool weapons and abilities, a deep loot system and ever-changing environments either...


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