Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Rfrsh commits more management to the Blast Pro Series

These new faces are based in London.

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Back in November we covered the very first Blast Pro Series CS:GO tournament from Rfrsh Entertainment, and now Rfrsh has announced the addition of three "highly experienced capacities" to the management group, all of which are based in London, as well as internal restructuring to bolster the organisation of the competition and its media.

Nikolaj Nyholm, CEO of Rfrsh Entertainment, said: "I am extremely pleased we can now announce some significant additions to our management team together with a restructuring of our existing resources. This will enable Rfrsh Entertainment to strengthen and build on the existing success to move into new areas of the esport business."

"We have recently brought in Alexander Lewin (VP Programming & Distribution) and Ben Oliver (VP of Creative & Original Content) and last week Robbie Douek joined us as President & CCO. They will be based in London, but together with the rest of the management team they will be responsible for the further development of Rfrsh Entertainment and Blast Pro Series, including new concepts within originals, reality- and live products and productions."

"We are continuously strengthening the organization around the teams, Blast, content and sales. We have freed up Frederik Byskov from Astralis, who we have taken in as new Director of Esports Operations. Frederik brings an extensive network and experience and he will be joining the newly founded team headed by Jordi Roig, VP and Executive Producer in Rfrsh and Blast."

The press release concludes by saying that the new content concept and details on the Blast Pro Series over this year and next will be announced over the coming months, but are you pleased to hear that more efforts are going into making sure that the Blast Pro Series is well organised?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Rfrsh

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