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Riders Republic

Riders Republic has just received a post-launch roadmap

It includes free content and additions that are exclusive to Year 1 Pass owners.

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It won't be long now until we can strap into a wingsuit and take to the diverse open-world playground that is Ubisoft's Riders Republic. With the extreme sports title's release date creeping ever closer, Ubisoft has released a post-launch roadmap detailing what content is on the horizon for those with or without its Year 1 Pass. The game's Year 1 content is set to be split into four unique seasons with the first being a special pre-season at launch.

The pre-season will gift Year 1 Pass owners with two Exotic Kits (the Rocket Bike and the Rocket Kit) that can be used to traverse the environment. Season 1 is winter-themed and it includes a seasonal progression system where players can unlock content and rewards through competing in several time-limited events. The game's second season adds a new Showdown multiplayer mode that tasks two teams of six with banking as many gems as possible within a set time limit. Lastly, Season 3 adds BMXs to the game for the first time and there will be a brand-new career mode and dedicated areas centered around them.

You can take a look at a brand-new trailer detailing the roadmap above.

Riders Republic

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