Riot buys Hypixel Studios, Hytale still on track

The developer explains how it'll remain independent within the new organisation. Hytale still expected in 2021.

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It came out of the blue (even though "multiple team members are former Rioters") but Riot Games has just announced its acquisition of Hypixel Studios, the team behind the upcoming, highly-anticipated game Hytale, which at the same time originated in the so-popular Hipixel Minecraft server.

Via a recently published open letter to the community, team heads Simon and Noxy explain what all this means to them personally as well as career-wise (as Noxy steps up as CEO of the studio). But, more importantly for players, on a separate FAQ both explain what this means for the games.

First and foremost, "this doesn't affect the Hypixel Minecraft server or the team at Hypixel Inc at all. This acquisition only applies to Hypixel Studios", says Simon as it's a separate entity.

In terms of Hytale, the same people will remain, but the team will get new developers and some structural improvements. Besides, they might get support from Riot Games from now on, even though the developers are independent. The plan remains "for Hytale to be playable by everyone in 2021".

The acquisition doesn't change much either in terms of the business model for the game (still undecided and being finalised), and it's still not clear whether a Riot Games account will be required. However, the devs are open to crossovers and "cool experiences such as minigames, events and other tie-ins - which could include Riot Games properties as well as other universes - we will most certainly explore them!"

What do you make of this acquisition?


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