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Riot details changes coming to the LCS

The league will be seeing some major restructuring.

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Riot has announced a series of changes coming to the LCS League of Legends scene. Detailed in an update on LoL Esports, the new format will hopefully develop North America into the competitive region it should be.

To start things off, the LCS Lock In is being introduced for teams to compete in a three-week long event, where money, charity, side selection and bragging rights is on the line. Set to feature a $150,000 prize pool and an extra $50,000 for charity on the line, this event will see the top two teams from the previous season draft their group opponents for a better chance at victory.

Next is the changes to scheduling that will see five games broadcast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday now. Likewise, the season will be split between Spring and Summer, where regular season records count both parts at the end of the year.

The Spring Split will last six weeks and feature a double Round Robin format. The catch is however, even though teams will play for three less weeks, they will still have the same number of matches as last season. After the Spring Split, an LCS Mid-Season Showdown will take place instead of Spring Finals and Playoffs. The winner of the Mid-Season Showdown will net the first LCS title of the year, and nab NA's first spot in the global Mid-Season Invitational event.

The Summer Split will consist of a triple Round Robin format and will last for nine weeks. The design of this is to give teams a chance to rise through NA and onto the global stage. At the end of the Summer Split, the LCS will cap out the year with the LCS Championship that pulls the teams with the top records through Spring and Summer to compete for the second LCS title, with the top three teams from this event qualifying for Worlds 2020.

With these being some pretty radical changes to the LCS, be sure to head to the Riot post to check out some extra graphics and details.

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