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Riot Games reveals All-Star Event first details

Coming to Las Vegas in December.

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Riot Games has announced the return of the All-Star Event for League of Legends this December, which will be coming to Las Vegas' Esports Arena from December 6 to 8, a venue that Riot chose so that they can "provide the attending All-Stars with an awesome Las Vegas experience to celebrate the end of their competitive year."

Ticket information is coming in the next few weeks, and around 64 All-Stars will be attending, including two from each region (voted for), two to three league partners for each region, and four pro player All-Star Invitees chosen by Riot. We'll also get to see a few League Partner Program members, including cosplayers, content creators, and more.

Fans will vote for two pros from each league to send to the event, and pros will be eligible for the region in which they played during the most recent split. The voting pool will be limited to 20 of the most prominent pros, and at least one from each team and two for each role will be included in the pool. Fans can also vote for other regions, but they hold less weight, and standings updates will be provided daily, with votes opening on October 17.

We'll see an All-Star 1v1 tournament as well as a Charity 2v2 tournament, but what's more is we'll also get Regional Rivalry Show Matches, East vs West best-of-five, and mixed-team alternate game modes, so there's plenty of variety in there.

"Based on this year's participants and format, we think All-Star 2018 be our best All-Star Event ever," Riot writes. "We're excited for League fans around the world to tune in and celebrate an amazing year in League and League esports. It's bound to be full of surprises including a few sneak peeks and spotlights of new League content. Fans will see what the pros can do with a colorful and curious new addition to the rift, get an early look at what this year's Snowdown has in store, and more. Stay tuned for more details."

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