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League of Legends

Riot recognises an issue with the jungler role in LoL

"We believe jungler influence over game outcome is too high."

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Riot Games has posted an update regarding the "state of the game", concerning many aspects, but mostly focused on the jungler and how they plan to change it.

"We believe jungler influence over game outcome is too high," Lead Champion Designer Andrei 'Meddler' van Roon writes. "In the pre-season we made changes to jungle camp rewards and respawn times. Those changes were intended to cap total jungle farm potential, pushing some junglers with farm-heavy playstyles to interact more with other players (primarily ganking and counter-jungling). Looking at the game right now, however, we believe we've increased gank frequency too much and need to pull it back."

"We're also seeing junglers at higher levels at the same time in the game (compared to last season), which wasn't intended. Vi, for example, is one of the bigger beneficiaries — on average she's half a level higher by five minutes than she was last season. That effect is multiplicative with the decreased time farming (as above) in terms of the impact on other positions, with the two effects even stronger together than just the sum of their parts. Further exacerbating the situation is that jungle sustain is also too high, resulting in junglers needing to recall less and being able to gank with less risk (coming out of the jungle at full HP)."

"Additionally, we made changes in the pre-season to make some camps more single target or AOE focused. Our goal there was to get tuning levers to support a wider variety of junglers than we've been able to in the past. We're still assessing those changes, so far though it looks like the current camps favor a particular profile of jungler too much (good single target damage, with just enough AOE to do most of the other camps fairly quickly). The XP and camp changes are also aimed at helping out junglers who are very AOE or very single target focused as a result."

So what does this mean for the game moving forward? Well, there's three short-term solutions: reducing jungler XP to rates similar to what we saw last season; cutting sustain slightly; and looking into whether some jungler camps should do a bit more damage, "adding risk to ganking after doing them (Krugs and Gromp)."

Do you agree with what's been said about junglers?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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