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Civilization VI

Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm coming in 2019 to Civ 6 on Switch

That's the goal of Firaxis Games and 2K, with both expansions changing the strategy game in major ways.

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Civilization VI came to the Switch last year to introduce a whole new crowd to the strategy game, but what about the expansions? That's what one fan asked about on Twitter recently, and got the following response from the official account for Gathering Storm:

"Our goal is to bring both the Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm expansions to Nintendo Switch this year."

Gathering Storm was released earlier this year and changes the game via weather effects, but before that we had Rise and Fall last year, emulating the potential for a civilisation to rise and then dramatically decline. As you can imagine, both of these change the way the game plays, hence why Switch owners are interested.

Have you been waiting for these on Switch?

Civilization VI

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