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Rocket League Renegade Cups coming next month

There'll be four of these and a final each for North America and Europe.

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Despite the Rocket League Championship Series being in full force these days coming up to Season 6, Psyonix has revealed another competition in the form of the Renegade Cup, which will feature four successive monthly tournaments from October to January created by community organisers and culminiating in one last three-day event hosted by the developer.

The final (or the Renegade Cup) will get more details soon, but Europe and North America will have their own Cup and final, with teams qualifying for the finals either by winning one of the monthly events or getting enough Cup points over the four months (you earn these depending on placements).

Each monthly tournament also has a $5,000 USD prize pool, and will be broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with the Cup finals taking place in February with 12 teams vying for a $20,000 prize pool.

"The Renegade Cup aims to empower our community tournament organizers to put on the best tournament they can imagine. There won't be a blanket format for them to use, but each month will result in an undisputed winner that qualifies for the Renegade Cup Finals, and an overall top 32 teams that will receive Renegade Cup points," the announcement adds.

You can see a full Cup Points breakdown below, and Psyonix is currently accepting proposals from organisers as well, with details on that available at the link above. As for October, that will be hosted by Rocket Baguette in Europe and Rival Esports in North America, since that's already decided.

Will you enter these competitions?

Rocket League
Photo: Psyonix

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