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Rockstar plans to use a fan's fix to slash loading times for GTA Online on PC

It's said to reduce loading times by 70%.

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Sure, GTA Online might still be excellent even seven years after its release, but there's been one glaring issue that has plagued the experience from the start for PC users and that's loading times. These tedious periods of patiently waiting might soon be a thing of the past, however, as Rockstar plans to implement a fan's solution that is said to reduce them by a whopping 70%.

The fix was created by Github user tostercx, who has produced lengthy blog post detailing how they were able to achieve this startling result. According to the post, load times have been slashed down significantly from six minutes to one minute and 50 seconds.

For these findings, tostercx received $10,000 through Rockstar's Bug Bounty Program, and the publisher/developer noted that the fix will be included within a future update. It's unclear at present, however, when this update will be rolled out into the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

Thanks, IGN.

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