Rockstar working with Nintendo?

Grand Theft Auto V on Wii 2?

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The rumours about new consoles simply won't stop coming, and now the French site 01net.com has dug up some more - according to the site's sources, Rockstar is actually working with Nintendo on a game for the Wii 2 (as most people call it right now, lacking an official name for the rumoured console).

There has been rumours saying that Nintendo will aim to win back the "core" players with their next machine, and Rockstar would certainly fit into that plan. There's also no information if the game in question is Grand Theft Auto V or not.

Either way, we get another rumour about potential new hardware that might be revealed at E3 (or not).

Rockstar working with Nintendo?
Rumours have it that the Wii 2's controllers will come with built-in screens. This is simply a mock-up made by some crafty fan. Hello Otacon! We miss you!

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