RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV has been canceled for Xbox One

The PS4 and Switch versions are unaffected, and will be coming to European and North American audiences sometime this year.

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Publisher Kadokawa Games has revealed that their game RPG Maker MV has been canceled for the Xbox One (thanks, Gematsu), having originally been planned to launch in early 2019 after being delayed to a later date than the Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions that released last year.

In Europe and North America we're still waiting for the release sometime this year, but as you might expect this will only be on PS4 and Switch now.

The name gives the concept away, as this is a title that's designed to help you create your own games and adventures, before sharing them online in a similar way to the likes of Super Mario Maker.

Are you sad to see the Xbox One version go?

RPG Maker MV

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