Ruiner gets some lovely collectibles for Christmas

Including a figure and a vinyl set.

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Reikon Games and Devolver Digital have released a load of content for Ruiner, including the festive Winter Cringe update for Steam and GOG, not to mention a collector's vinyl set from Laced Records and a limited-edition figurine by Special Reserve Games, all of which is complimented by a 33% discount on the game today and tomorrow.

The Winter Cringe update has festive-themed weapons, lighting, and outfits, transforming the brutal world into a slightly more cheery one... at least for the time being. As for the collectibles, the 7-inch figure is limited to 250 pieces and comes with a 56-page art book, as well as a Steam code for the game, and can be found here.

In regards to the vinyl, though, this is a two-disc collector's edition set with 16 hand-picked tracks from Ruiner, all of which are pressed on 180 gram black and red vinyls and presented in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves. For more information, head over to this link to check the vinyl out.

Are these the perfect gifts for a Ruiner fan?


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