Ruiner is a "fast and brutal cyberpunk top-down action game"

We chat with Magdalena Tomkowicz from Reikon Games.

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We caught up with narrative designer Magdalena Tomkowicz to learn more about Ruiner and its inspirations.

"Ruiner is a really fast and brutal cyberpunk top-down action game", explains Tomkowicz. "A shooter, but not just [a] shooter, you use melee weapons as well. As you can see it looks a bit like the classic anime [films] like Ghost in the Shell, or Akira, or Cyber City Oedo, that was one of the many inspirations behind the visual style."


The conversation delved deeper into the subject matter and themes, and also touched upon the music that's also been an area where a lot of focus has been put.

Ruiner is set to release on PC and consoles this summer.


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