Ruiner revealed by Reikon Games

Devs from heavyweight Polish studios form new studio.

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An indie title from Polish studio Reikon Games has been revealed, named Ruiner, and it's being published by Devolver Digital. The studio has been created from ex-staffers who had a hand in the development of The Witcher trilogy, Dead Island, and Dying Light.

In terms of gameplay, Ruiner looks like a cyberpunk styled Hotline Miami at first glance, with an isometric camera and fast-paced, bloody battles. The story is based around a Skynet-styled corporation that has captured the minds of the public with virtual reality worlds.

You can check out the reveal trailer for the game below.


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"It's a speed freak, nothing but a neon blur of a futuristic cyber city glimpsed in the reflection of a motorcycle helmet as it rushes by at 100mph."

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