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Final Form
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Ruiner-studio working on "a new definer within the FPS category"

An intergalactic enemy wishes to destroy the remnants of humanity.

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Developer Reikon Games (Ruiner) is working on an experimental shooter called Final Form. So far we haven't seen much of the game itself, but the developers are aiming high. On the reveal event publisher Prime Matter called it "A new definer within the FPS category", and that's something we would like to see for ourselves.

Final Form's story starts on the brick of humanity's extinction. We lost our planet and are looking for a new future that is waiting for us at the other end of the galaxy. Between us and our hope for a new beginning stands a powerful alien race that wants to put our efforts to rest. As someone or something called Valkyrie, it is our task to protect the last people from ruin. Unfortunately, we don't know anything more than that at the moment. The title is supposed to offer single-player and multiplayer content and it is planned to release on PC and consoles at some point in the future.

Final FormFinal FormFinal Form

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