Rumour: "At least two" big unannounced games coming for Xbox 2021

Could one be the next Forza Horizon that has long been rumoured to be on its way soon?

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We already know of a whole lot of coming games for 2021, some that was delayed from 2020 and some new. But some titles are released not too far from the announcement, and judging by a recent rumour, we have a few of those to look forward to for Xbox throughout 2021.

It is Jez Corden, editor of Windows Central and proven insider, who says in his podcast Xbox Two that he knows "at least two games, big games" that are unannounced but will be coming for Xbox this year. It has been rumoured frequently recently that the next Forza Horizon will be released this year (before another Forza Motorsport instalment), which could possibly be one of those games.

Then Microsoft does, of course have a lot of studios nowadays. Perhaps some from the Bethesda purchase have something coming, or Microsoft has made a third party deal with someone. Still, remember that this is only a rumour, even if there are worse sources that Jez Corden.

Rumour: "At least two" big unannounced games coming for Xbox 2021

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