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Battlefield 2042

Rumour: Battlefield 2042 seems to be headed for Xbox Game Pass

This comes following the rumours that FIFA 22 would also be joining the service.

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Just before the weekend, it was discovered that FIFA 22 is seemingly going to be added to EA Play, and thus also PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. During the weekend, people also noted that this wasn't the only major EA title that is heading that way, as Battlefield 2042 is also listed as an EA Play title on Microsoft Store.

FIFA 22 is likely getting a sequel in four months, and if it should be added to EA Play, now's a good time to do so while it's still fairly hot. Battlefield 2042 on the other hand, has suffered immensely from the botched launch with a broken game and equally broken promises. After several major updates, an inclusion to EA Play and Game Pass could be a good way to help people re-discover the game and hopefully also spread the word by playing it.

Would you give Battlefield 2042 a shot if added to Game Pass?

Battlefield 2042

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