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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Rumour: Dignitas' CS:GO roster to sign with F.C Copenhagen

The team would be under the wing of a major football organisation.

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Yesterday we were greeted with the news that Dignitas, a major esports organisation with multiple teams under their wing, will not be continuing to operate its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The team, which is based in Denmark and is a favourite amongst Danish fans, are thought to be disbanding, but a recent rumour might just stop that from happening.

The roster of players formerly known as the Dignitas CS:GO team are now reportedly being picked up by F.C Copenhagen, the football team, and will be wearing their jerseys to competitions. This is likely a smart move from the organisation, as the CS:GO roster is in remarkably good shape right now, having just qualified for the next Major. It also makes sense that Copenhagen has made this move if true, because they have expressed desire to move into esports.

The CS:GO roster now known as Copenhagen would still be able to perform in the Eleague Major, which would be one of the first times the team wears the club jersey on stage, and they would also be participating in the upcoming World Esports Games. Would this be a smart grab by Copenhagen?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dignitas' farewell banner to their CS:GO team. // Photo: Team Dignitas

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