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eFootball 2022

Rumour: eFootball PES 2022 might be free-to-play

An announcement regarding the game is expected on July 21.

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Despite having arguably better gameplay than FIFA, the PES series has struggles to compete with FIFA as it has almost all-important licenses and rights needed for an accurate simulation of soccer. But according to Andy Robinson from VGC, Konami is preparing to really shake things up this year, partially by making it fully free-to-play:

"There's also going to be new stuff with PES this year, I hear, where they're going to go properly free-to-play, and really, really change it up."

Some kind of announcement is planned for July 21, so hopefully, we won't have to wait much longer for clarification on the plans for the series. What would you think of eFootball PES 2022 being free-to-play?

eFootball 2022

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