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Rumour: iPhone 12 Pro will have 120Hz ProMotion display

Plus we're hearing that it will have a large battery, 3x zoom, and 5G.

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We know with a relatively high degree of certainty, thanks to known Apple leaker Max Weinbach, that there will not only be a number for different models and specs but also that the 6.1" and 6.7" iPhone 12 Pro models will feature a 120Hz display, an adaptive function in order to save battery.

We know most of it via 9to5mac, a relatively reliable source for tech rumours, with leaks that are frequently proven accurate. However, they did get their information from a video on Youtube, so bear that in mind.

Apparently, the battery has grown to 4400mAh, most likely to account for 5G and the increase in refresh rate. Face ID will also be improved and the company has focused on the camera, especially with regards to low light situations and image stabilisation, as well as the use of LiDAR. The telephoto zoom will be 3x, decreasing the usage of digital zoom. Four models are to be expected, one, 5.4", two 6.1" models, and one 7.6". All with 5G, LiDAR scanner and Apple A14 processors. Maybe.

Rumour: iPhone 12 Pro will have 120Hz ProMotion display

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