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Rumour: is the Harry Potter RPG coming in 2021?

Could we be headed for Hogwarts via the Harry Potter RPG next year? Recent rumours state that to be the case.

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Last March, following E3's delay, we discovered that an announcement for a new Harry Potter RPG game, leaked for the very first time in 2018, was expected at E3 2020.

As it was revealed at the time, the game - apparently a AAA project developed by Avalanche Software - sees the player creating his/her Hogwarts student and then getting to choose whether to be a good character or a bad character. Warner never confirmed that news, so all this remains in the rumour mill.

However, it seems that we now know when the game will be released, according to a Reddit user. The user reports that Warner Bros would have contacted a company for the localization of the game, which apparently should be released in 2021. At the moment, these are just rumours, so take this information with a pinch of salt .... but it would not be bad to start the next generation of consoles with a new game inspired by Harry Potter, what do you say?

Rumour: is the Harry Potter RPG coming in 2021?

Thanks to GamingBolt.

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