Rumour: Miami Dolphins buying slot in Overwatch League

The rumours claims the New England Patriots are doing the same.

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A recent report by reporter/podcaster Richard Lewis claims that sources close to the Overwatch League have revealed that the owners of both the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots, Stephen Ross and Robert Kraft respectively, have purchased slots in the League in deals worth millions of dollars.

The rumour doesn't clarify whether there are plans to compete under the existing brands, but with the focus of the Overwatch League being regional, these teams already have solid bases.

The source also claims that these deals were made directly with Bobby Kotick. "Bobby has been really busy on this one," the quote reads, "making personal house calls and constantly talking up the league. He spends about half of his working hours on this project alone and has been happy to finally land some big names for the league."

Another anonymous esports owner allegedly said to Richard Lewis that the report that the league could generate $720 million USD "is a joke that we're all laughing about. Having been involved in esports for as long as we have we don't understand that projection, especially when you consider how little you make on something as big as having a team in [Riot Games League of Legends Championship Series] LCS."

What are your thoughts on the Overwatch League in general?

Photo: Miami Dolphins

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