Halo Infinite

Rumour: MS considers scrapping Halo Infinite for Xbox One

Insider reckons that Microsoft is planning on cutting the old-gen version loose.

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The fans waited for years, and when 343 Industries finally showed Halo Infinite, it still managed to disappoint people. Not so much because of the gameplay though, rather it was certain uninspiring technical aspects that underwhelmed, and that's not a good look for a flagship game that's being used to launch the most powerful new console.

As you might know, this resulted in funny things like the 'Craig the Brute' meme, but also a less entertaining major delay for the game. What's more, according to Resetera user Sponger (who has a good track record for Xbox Game Studios leaks), they are now also considering to scrap the Xbox One version entirely to be able to fully focus on the Xbox Series X version:

"Current version of Halo Infinite on Xbox One S is nowhere near 1080p (even lower than 900p) and is having serious asset loading issues (much worse that you have seen on PC demo).

"Idea is to change at the engine level how assets load, make RT as default (improve/"unlock" some assets), improve geometry, post-processing and add more CPU bound interactivity."

Sponger also says we shouldn't be too certain that Halo Infinite will launch next year (which is the official plan), and adds that it could be delayed to 2022 if that's what is required to make the game reach its full potential:

"Microsoft/343i is currently very busy with idea of dropping Xbox One support for Halo Infinite.

"Even idea to postpone it to early 2022 is on the table. It's pretty messy up there with decisions but they are convinced that they need to make best Halo game ever."

The best Halo game ever? Yeah, that would be good. We'll have that, please.

Halo Infinite

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