The Last of Us: Part II

Rumour: New The Last of Us 2 trailer to drop this week

Ellie and Joel's return in Naughty Dog's Part II might have its release date finally announced after a long wait.

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It looks like Sony is finally unveiling more about Death Stranding on May 29, a week and a half before an E3 2019 show that they won't be attending for the first time in the event's history. After teasing the first bunch of details on their future console PS5, it seems as if we're getting more details on their new games in the coming weeks, perhaps even including The Last of Us: Part II.

Naughty Dog's triple-A effort might be even bigger and more important than Hideo Kojima's, and according to sources close to the matter (as heard by Gamereactor in Spain), Sony is about to fix The Last of Us 2 release date this very week.

In fact, as reported, the announcement will come via a brand new trailer of Joel and Ellie's harsh survival adventure, marking the exact day of their return to PS4, which will most likely be this autumn. Now, everyone knows The Last of Us: Part II will be used as a cross-platform game to support PlayStation 5's launch in 2020, but it seems as if Naughty Dog has the game more than ready and Sony wants it to headline their lineup of exclusives in a year that has lost some steam.

So, will it be on May 29 as well? Time will tell, but all we have to do is wait for more news on Sony's biggest titles.

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The Last of Us: Part II

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