Rumour: Six spots already sold for the Overwatch League

And six cities have been decided too.

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According to a report by ESPN six agreements have been made in terms of parties intending to join the Overwatch League, with sources claiming that owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft and New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon are interested in joining the league.

The same report also claims that the league has agreed for teams to be located in not only LA, San Francisco, New York, and Boston, but also Shanghai and Seoul, and that the buy-in price for Immortals and NRG Esports is $20 million USD a spot, which agrees with reports earlier this year that postulate similar numbers.

Two of the American cities will allegedly be occupied by groups aside from esports, with the Patriots parent company Kraft Sports apparently guaranteed the Boston spot, and the Mets occupying New York. Immortals will then get LA, while NRG get San Francisco.

The report also states later on that, on top of the alleged $20 million buy-in for prospective owners, there'll be no revenue sharing until 2021 and a 25% fee going to Blizzard if they later sell the spot.

How much of this do you believe though?


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