The Witness

Rumour: The Witness to get retail release on PS4

A product page appeared on Amazon Italy.

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We really loved The Witness, the fantastic puzzle game developed by Jonathan Blow and released in 2016 on various platforms (to which a version for Nintendo Switch could soon be added). The game was released exclusively via digital distribution, but, according to a leak from Amazon Italy, there are good chances that The Witness can also arrive at retail, at least on PS4.

In fact, a product page appeared on the Italian branch of the well-known online retailer, in which, however, no further details are offered. There is only a release date, January 1st, 2020, which is clearly a placeholder. At the moment, we have no further information and it remains to be seen whether this edition will be confirmed, or whether the entire product page is a placeholder and a mistake.

Have you played The Witness? What did you think?

The Witness

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