Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Rumour: Valve contacts CS:GO players about coaching rule

Vitaliy Genkin allegedly contacted top players about changes to the rule.

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Rumours have emerged online that Vitaliy Genkin of Valve has reached out to a number of professional CS:GO players regarding changes to Valve's coaching rule.

Back in August Valve revealed a new rule to limit the amount of communication between coaches and players during play at tournaments, receiving significant criticism, in particular from teams whose coaches also acted as in-game leaders.

Apparently Genkin contacted players in regards to a potential revision of this rule, then, and encouraged them to respond. These players allegedly planned to meet in early October to send a reply expressing their desire to allow coaches to communicate with players during freeze time periods before each round, something that they currently aren't allowed to do unless its before the match, at half time or during a timeout.

There is no mention in the sources regarding whether changes would happen before the ELEAGUE Major in January. What did you think of Valve's change to the rule?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: ESL

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