Runic Games' Hob confirmed for PS4

From the makers of Torchlight.

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Among the many small to medium sized reveals at this weekend's PlayStation Experience was the relevation that Runic Games' (Torchlight) Hob is heading to PS4. Unlike anything we've previously seen Hob is described as an exploration adventure, and clearly puzzles will play a major role here.

Runic Games' "minister of culture" Wonder Russell took to PlayStation Blog to explain more of the concept:

"Hob is an exploration adventure set on an unknown world that's lush and alive. Wind blows through the grasses, flowers bloom as you walk by, and the mysterious sprites wink in and out of existence. In spite of this pastoral setting, violence lurks in hidden places.

As a player, you are dropped straight into this world without any text, backstory, or dialog. Creating an immersive experience is important to us; the story will reveal itself as you play, rewarding your exploration with bits of the narrative puzzle. There's a deep and satisfying story to Hob, but you'll have to play it to unravel the secret."

Apparently "world-shifting" or perhaps more accurately untangling the messy state the world is in is a major mechanic. Russell describes it as "Rubik's cube collapsed on itself". Check out the new PS4 announcement trailer below and further down is the reveal trailer from August when the game was first unveiled.


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