San Francisco Shock win Stage 2 of Overwatch League 2019

Season 2's second stage wrapped up this past weekend, and last Stage's champions Vancouver Titans couldn't topple Shock in the final.

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The Overwatch League has just finished Stage 2 of the second season this past weekend, and San Francisco Shock were the team to lift the trophy in the playoffs, defeating the Vancouver Titans 4-2 in the final in LA. This means Shock had a perfect record for Stage 2, and take home a $200,000 USD bonus.

The Titans got $100,000 of it, and many might have expected them to win considering they were Stage 1 winners. They had beaten Dallas Fuel 3-0 and New York Excelsior 4-1 to book their match against Shock, but Shock had defeated Shanghai Dragons 3-1 and Hangzhou Spark 4-0, maintaining their momentum against the Titans.

The Overwatch League All-Star event takes place May 15 and 16, which is the next thing to mark on your calendar. Stage 3, however, will be returning on June 6, and expect to see the finals in Philadelphia, as we reported last week.

Did you expect Shock to win?

Photo: Overwatch League

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