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King of Fighters XIV

Saudi fighter Najd is KOF XIV's 57th playable character

Designed by a university student, she'll join three more in April.

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The following reveal trailer is the video presenting Nadj, the newest character to join the ever-growing roster for King of Fighters XIV, who has been designed by Mashael Al-Barrak, a university student who took part in the design contest held by Manga Productions in September for KOF fans in the Middle-East.

During the day, Najd is a student as well, but at night she wears her Abaya garment and becomes a night watcher to protect other people. Her stage is of course Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh, which will be added to the game as part of the free update v3.0.

Najd is the 57th character to join the roster, and will come out in April as paid DLC alongside the recently-unveiled Heidern, Oswald, and a fourth TBA fighter, to bring the total of fighters up to 58.

As usual with SNK's elegant female character designs, Najd is getting the thumbs up from fans and non-fans alike. What do you think of her style?

King of Fighters XIV

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