ScourgeBringer merges Celeste, Dead Cells, and Devil May Cry

It's an ambitious combo, but developer Thomas Altenburger says they've taken the best bits of each.

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ScourgeBringer is a platformer that keeps a fast pace with a pixelated art style, and when we talked with developer Thomas Altenburger at Gamescom, we asked about the influences for this game, and there are a few big names in there.

"We like to describe it as a mashup between Dead Cells, Celeste, and a little bit of Devil May Cry," he told us.

"We're trying to grab all the joys of these games. Not trying to overdo, really mashup all of these games - just trying to take what we found very interesting in each of them and the core systems of what makes it brilliant, and trying to do something really punchy with all of this."

Altenburger also said that they're "pushing polish to the max" and adding cool features to set itself apart from competitors in the space.

Are these good influences to have?


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