NBA 2K19

Scuf Gaming reveals official NBA 2K League controller

The Scuf Vantage NBA 2KL is available now for players in the US and Canada, being the official controller of the esports league.

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Gaming controller company Scuf Gaming has revealed that it has released the official controller of the NBA 2K League, called the Scuf Vantage NBA2KL, containing over 15 unique features for the amateur or professional NBA 2K player.

"Since our inception, Scuf has always been a believer and supporter of esports. In 2011, we created a new market segment for what is now known as performance controllers, to equip players with the high-performance gear needed to improve their game. Our partnership with the NBA 2K League and the release of the Scuf Vantage NBA2KL continues that legacy," said Duncan Ironmonger, Founder and CEO of Scuf Gaming. "Now, fans can get in on the action and support the league."

"I love the comfort and grip that it provides, both of which allow me to dictate each individual movement in a precise manner," said Adam 'Adamthe1st' Kudeimati of Knicks Gaming. "Especially helpful are the controller paddles, offering quicker alternatives for stealing the ball and switching in between defensive sets."

You can get a wireless and a wired model of the controller for delivery in the US and Canada, and you can find out about the controller on Scuf's site. There's even a picture below to see how it looks.

Will you get this to up your game?

NBA 2K19
Photo: Scuf Gaming

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