Sea of Thieves-inspired content coming to State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2

Sea of Thieves-inspired content coming to State of Decay 2

Another Microsoft crossover is on the way with two first-party exclusives coming together once again.

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Late yesterday, Undead Labs had a livestream dedicated to State of Decay 2, and during the show, the studio had some fairly big news to share. First of all, there is a new easier difficulty coming to the game, called Green Zone. Here you will face somewhat friendlier zombies that are less likely to react to noise, but you'll also find better loot and have more stamina.

This way, it will be easier for people to explore the game more casually instead of having to struggle for survival at all times. However, there was actually more news regarding the game, as Undead Labs has teamed up with Rare for the Plunder Pack. This is a Sea of Thieves-themed pack with clothes suitable for pirates as well as things like a blunderbuss, a cutlass, a rifle and a trusty shovel. There's also a new vehicle based on the Megalodon monster coming.

Due to the corona situation, the team declared that this is the first DLC pack for the game entirely made from home. All of this content will launch sometime this autumn. If you'd like to try State of Decay 2 out in the meantime, it's included with Xbox Game Pass. It's a game that we recommend, especially since it was recently enhanced via the free Juggernaut Edition update (the trailer included at the top of this page).

State of Decay 2

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