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Batman: Arkham City

See Robin in Arkham City

First render of the Boy Wonder

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Batman: Arkham City is getting a third playable character: Robin.

The Dark Knight's sidekick has been redesigned to fit in with Rocksteady's interpretation of DC's iconic cast. Note the shaved head, body armour and full-length trousers (until recently the costume rocked shorts), and bo-staff that'll likely be the character's weapon of choice. Despite the alterations, the costumed fighter's iconic "R" has been unchanged from the comics.

Comic website Newsarama are pegging the kid under the disguise to be Tim Drake, the third person to carry the Robin mantle, though he hasn't worn the mantle for a few years in comics. There'll be an alternate 'Red Robin' version of the suit as a nod to the character's current alter-ego in the comics version of the Bat-universe.

But unlike the recently-revealed Catwoman, control of Robin looks likely to be limited to the returning Challenge Rooms (similar to the Joker in the PS3 version of Arkham Asylum), and more importantly, to pre-order customers only - both he and two Challenge Rooms (Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape) are part of an exclusive deal with American outlet Best Buy.

Though expect the offer to be mirrored over here in the UK soon enough, and likely the bonus material will be released as purchasable DLC sometime after the Arkham City's released.

Batman: Arkham City

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