Seoul Dynasty signs Gambler to Overwatch League team

His healing experience will work alongside tobi.

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Seoul Dynasty, the Korean Overwatch League team that currently sits in third place in the league with nine wins and three losses, has brought another player in to help their efforts, this being Heo 'Gambler' Jin-woo, who the press release says has "extensive main healer knowledge and valuable game sense to give Dynasty an extra competitive edge."

Gambler will be working with main Dynasty healer Yang 'tobi' Jin-mo, which should be effective as he is one of the top Lucio players in Korea, as well as having extensive experience with Mercy too, having played with her at the IEM Gyeonggi tournament in 2016, where LW Red won the competition.

"It's a great honor to join Seoul Dynasty and represent my home city in the Overwatch League," Gambler said. "I will work hard to familiarise myself with the team's strategies by focusing on team building with my new teammates and coaching staff. My number one goal is to help our team win the league."

"We've finally assembled our perfect roster. Stage 1 provided us insight into each team's strategies and matchup potentials," added Coach Baek Kwang-jin. "Now we are working to create new strategies by incorporating and coordinating with Gambler. You can expect to see us perform with innovative tactics during Stage 2."

Do you think a healer like Gambler is the best choice for Seoul right now?

Photo: Seoul Dynasty

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