Seoul's Overwatch team is asking for names

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As we reported last month, Lunatic Hai's Overwatch team will be representing Seoul in the Overwatch League, and now a post on the team's Facebook page has revealed that they actually need help naming this new team.

There's some catches, though. Firstly, the team names need to be submitted by tomorrow at 22:00 (the zone wasn't specified, but we assume it's referring to the time in Seoul, which would make it 14:00 in BST) using this form. The team name must start with 'Seoul' though, and Lunatic Hai wants the name to convey four things: Tribe, Swag, Accessibility, and Bravery.

Team names must be in English, however, and the winners will receive a prize, so there's every reason to give it a shot. Do you have some killer ideas?

Photo: Blizzard

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