Shakedown Hawaii

Shakedown Hawaii announced

Retro City Rampage getting a sequel.

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Vblank Entertainment has announced Shakedown Hawaii, a sequel to Retro City Rampage, the top-down game reminiscent of the original Grand Theft Auto which was released three years ago.

The new game has been formally announced for PS4 and PS Vita, but you can also see Nintendo and Steam logos on the trailer below.

Shakedown Hawaii brings the Vblank open-world universe into the 16-bit era, powered by destructible environments and coming with an arsenal of supercharged weapons. Taking place some thirty years after the events of Retro City Rampage, the game follows The Player as he comes out of early retirement to rebuild his neglected corporate empire.

Shakedown HawaiiShakedown Hawaii
Shakedown Hawaii

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