Shakedown Hawaii

Shakedown Hawaii gets silly in new trailer

And we thought property acquisitions were boring.

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Shakedown Hawaii hasn't exactly received a whole bunch of lengthy gameplay trailers since it was revealed last year, but it would seem that Vblank Entertainment has realised they need to share more before the game's launch later this year, as we now have a new trailer.

This trailer shows that the game definitely follows in Retro City Rampage's footsteps in terms of gameplay, but that it also takes a real turn in terms of story. We'll still be fighting our way through tons of enemies from an isometric perspective, but instead of playing as a thug, we'll play as an ageing businessman that likes to use some "less legal" methods to earn fame and fortune. This doesn't just include driving past the speed-limit and shooting a bunch of people, but also some white-collar crime that goes real meta.

Does this new trailer get you more hyped for the game?

Shakedown Hawaii

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