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Shanghai Dragons manager talks about poor form

"I offer my apology to all the fans."

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Overwatch League team Shanghai Dragons hasn't experienced a lot of success in the league so far, starting off Stage 4 with two losses out of two matches played too, and now manager Yang Van has taken to TwitLonger to talk about the team's form.

"Our last two losses must have disappointed and hurt you. Here I offer my apology to all the fans for letting you down again. We are sad as well and are even hating ourselves for not having seized the opportunity to win," the post starts. "As two matches ended up in losses, we received many questions, criticisms, and blame from you. We understand that we have to take those after we lost these two games."

"We have the most intensive training scheme among all the teams, ever since we arrived last December. Our daily schedule starts at 10:30am as we leave for training facilities and return to our houses around 10:30 to 11:00pm, with a possible training extension to 12:00am; we train six days a week with one day off. During mid-stages, we have 3-4 days off depends on other teams' schedule (if we can have scrims with them)."

The post adds that players can relax in whatever way they want during days off, hence why players were playing other games during these off days. "Except some particular players of the team, most players, in all players that fans have questioned about, played other games between 0.5 to 3 hours during off days," Van adds.

Training won't change, however, as the team are committed to making sure the problems are solved in order to deliver more acceptable results. Van goes on to say that the team understands the disappointment and how important the results are, but that they're hungry for wins and will keep working to deliver them.

"I apologise again for recent losses. We will not slack off or give up. We are going to keep on training and solve existing problems, to win your recognition again in the future. Thank you," the post ends.

What do you think is the reason for Shanghai Dragons' poor form?

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