Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 creator offers status update on the game

"It has been six months since the project has really taken off", says Yu Suzuki.

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For some of us it's still hard to believe that Shenmue 3 is actually happening. But it is, thanks to Kickstarter and the fans that collectively managed to raise more than $6.3 millions towards the goal of making the sequel to the Dreamcast game a reality.

Now the creator Yu Suzuki has provided fans with a little update video to ensure them that the project is still on track.

He says: "Your cheers at the Sony announcement still ring in my ears. Since then, we have been gradually bringing on new project members. Late last year, we began using Shenmue 2 characters to do simple battle and conversation tests on UE4."

"With our key developers on board, the prototype build started in January. It has been six months since the project has really taken off. Battle and facial expressions are coming together, and cheers from the crew are growing. It makes me feel it will turn out to be a good game."

Sure, it doesn't give us much more information about the game but it's nice to see that the game's still healthy, especially since it was nowhere to be found at E3 this year. Though it certainly looks like we'll be waiting quite a while for the game to release.

Shenmue 3

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