Fast RMX

Shin'en announces Fast RMX for Nintendo Switch

The next futuristic racer from the German indie outfit.

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Fast RMX is the next entry in Shin'en's F-Zero-esque racing series, and it's coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. The anti-gravity arcade racer was announced as part of the Switch's showcase, but a release window has yet to be confirmed.

The game has 15 playable vehicles and features 30 tracks spanning environments such as canyons, alpine peaks, futuristic cities and more. Fast RMX will boast local splitscreen multiplayer, supporting up to four players, while online play includes up to eight. There's also an unlockable "Hero Mode" included which allows you to play with new rules and challengers.

The futuristic racer will run in a 1080p resolution while offering 60 frames per second. It will support all of the Switch's play styles and the Joy-Con and Pro Controllers.

Fast RMX
Fast RMXFast RMX
Fast RMX

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