Fast RMX

Shin'en: "Switch is certainly the coolest gadget Nintendo ever did"

German developed is high on Nintendo's new hardware as they work on Fast RMX.

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We recently had an opportunity to ask Shin'en Multimedia CEO Manfred Linzner some questions about their upcoming racing game Fast RMX and the platform it is launching on, namely, Nintendo Switch.

When asked about what they felt about the platform, given their long relationship with Nintendo, dating as far back as Game Boy Color and Advance, this is what Linzner had to say:

"For us, the Switch is certainly the coolest gadget Nintendo ever did. When you hold it the first time in your hands you are amazed how perfect everything feels. Everything is so slick and cleverly designed. We haven't played a lot of Switch games yet, but for Fast RMX when playing in handheld mode it looks brilliant. But when you change to TV mode and experience the same game on your HDTV in 1080p and still 60fps it blows you away."

Fast RMX has no official release date at the moment, but is expected during the launch window of the new console. The full interview with Manfred Linzner is available here.

Fast RMX

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