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Shovel Knight Showdown offers "robust experience"

Yacht Club Games' Sandy Gordon ran us through all of the content coming here and with the King of Cards DLC.

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Just this morning we reported on Shovel Knight being turned into a board game, but at Gamescom we spoke with Yacht Club Games artist Sandy Gordon about the game itself, bringing the DLC content to a close after five years with not only the King of Cards DLC, but also Shovel Knight Showdown.

"Both of these games are going to complete the Treasure Trove package," we're told, along with the fact that "a cool physical edition" is also on the way for those that want the complete collection.

"Once Treasure Trove is complete we're going to do a whole re-release of all the DLC just as one big package so you can buy all the content in one cartridge or one disc."

We dwelled a little bit on Shovel Knight Showdown too, which is "a multiplayer game you can play between one and four players if you want to. The game has multiple modes that you can play in, so if you're playing with a bunch of friends on the couch, you can play a gem battle we have, where you just go around collecting gems - the first person to collect X number of gems wins. We've got Showdown mode where it's just a stock battle, kinda like Super Smash Brothers [...] we've got a Story Mode, so it's a full-fledged mode where you can play by yourself or with a friend, so you can do co-op Story Mode. You choose one of the knights to play as, or one of the characters, and you go through a series of fights, you have rival battles, you have a boss fight at the end - just a whole lot of content, this is like a robust experience, so there's a lot there for people to enjoy."

Does Showdown sound like a good addition?

Shovel Knight

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