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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

SK Gaming upsets Immortals

Brazilian team Immortals continue to struggle as an incomplete SK takes them down.

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Despite playing with two stand-ins, Danish squad SK Gaming has taken out the Brazilian shooting stars from Immortals at DreamHack Summer.

Immortals had the upper hand in the opening half, playing a slightly superior terrorist side on Train. But after Immortals won the first half 9-6, SK Gaming responded. They tied the game at 9-9, and after a few rounds going in the Brazilians favour, tied it again at 12-12 and then pulled ahead to match point.

Immortals managed one more round win, but SK proved the stronger team and closed the game at 16-13.

The upset seems to underline the story of Immortals struggling ever since they switched organisations from Tempo Storm. Though SK is a top 20 team, you would expect Immortals to have the edge in this matchup, given that the SK squad is currently incomplete. The team sold Pimp to Team Liquid earlier this week, and Magiskb0Y is unable to attend.

The win means we'll see a Denmark vs Denmark matchup in the Group A winners match, as SK Gaming will face Astralis. It's a matchup where Astralis are heavily favoured - although SK did take a map off them in the Eleague last week.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Adela Sznajder, DreamHack.

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