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Skull & Bones

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Ubisoft's Justin Farren joined us for a chat at E3.

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Skull & Bones was revealed by Ubisoft at last year's E3 conference, and this year we got to catch up on the game by talking to Ubisoft's Justin Farren in LA, where we asked specifically about the shared world and their approach going into this.

"The most important narrative that we can construct for players is an opportunity for them to tell their own stories, a canvas that they can paint themselves, and that's really what our world is all about," he explained. "Of course we have rich characters, we have historically-inspired characters, pirates that you know throughout history, ones that we'll bring to life, but it's putting players in that context where they can experience that story in a shared world. It's not a side thing, it's not something you would consume and throw away; it's something that, as you play the game season after season, year after year, we'll add new regions, new characters, and a chance for players to experience that story alongside their friends."

Do you like the sound of this shared world?

Skull & Bones

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