Skydome is looking to mash-up MOBAs and tower defense

And, the latest trailer shows off a better look at gameplay.

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Update: Skydome will be leaving closed beta and entering Early Access on Steam, and on Gamigo's own online platform Glyph, on July 14.

The tower defense MOBA will be looking to transition to this stage by offering up exclusive Founder's Packs to players on Steam that bring even earlier access to the game for purchasers (starting from July 7), but they also bring several in-game items/Champions.

There are various Founder's Packs that each offer a headstart into Early Access and contains; Champions, each of which have their own towers and abilities, alongside exclusive Founder Skins and badges.

We're also told via a press release that a new Champion will be added to the game at the beginning of Early Access.

Gamigo US Inc. has recently released a new trailer for its upcoming tower defense MOBA Skydome, a title that offers a combination of unique features that hasn't really been explored beforehand.

Designed as a competitive 4v4 multiplayer game, Skydome sees two teams compete against one another in a split arena where there isn't any direct PvP. The title instead asks players to defend their base from waves of attacking foes, using a series of constructible towers, traps and walls to slow down enemies and help take them out. In this regard, it's very much a tower defense game, where players will have to work together to defend their base from multiple pathways of foes, but since there are a range of Champions to select, each with unique abilities and towers, the game is also a MOBA.

Each Champion comes with a list of attacks, moves, and Intervention skills that are truly special to them, and each fits a defined role that reflects what they can bring to the team. Some Champions excel at dealing damage and are better suited to dealing with the oncoming enemies, whereas others, for example the Support class, have especially powerful Intervention abilities to rain havoc on the opposing teams structures and defenses - hence the competitive multiplayer design.

To get an understanding about how Skydome sets itself apart from its competitors, Gamereactor was recently fortunate enough to attend a guided gameplay session where we got to ask Kinship a few questions about the game.


To start with, we posed the question about the pacing of a match, and how long games usually run for. Kinship's answer was, "For Skydome it's a little bit shorter. The average match time would be around 18 minutes, and there will be no matches that last more than 25 minutes. Once you get to the 20th wave, we are going to spawn the final boss, and what happens with the final boss is that once he is defeated, the enemy team loses."

We also asked Kinship about the challenge of getting into Skydome, an issue that often plagues games in the MOBA genre. They told us, "During the development, we had a bar of how difficult the game could be, how challenging and how many things the player would need to manage, and what we thought is that we have a sort of an imaginary budget. This is how much we want to task the player. What we don't want to do is overwhelm the player with stuff and attributes and different statistics. Everything we can make a little bit simpler, we want to. The focus of Skydome is about working together, and teamwork and coordination, rather than individual strategy or gameplay skill."

Since Skydome is currently in closed beta and looking to head to Steam Early Access in July, with plans to fully launch in autumn, we asked Kinship about its future plans for the game. "The amount of things we want to do is uncountable," said Kinship. "The roadmap is already super full."


Following up to this, we also touched on the cosmetics and how they will be integrated, and how this also allows Skydome to set itself apart from competitors. "We want to make the Skydome experience as balanced as possible, so there's no pay-to-win," said Kinship. "Regarding customisation, we do have this idea about seasonal passes and seasonal events, Halloween, Christmas, and even some standalone skins." The developer also mentioned, "One thing we are very, very hyped up about is the wall customisation, because this is something that doesn't exist in any game. There's no game like this where you can build walls like we do."

With the plans already in place to launch in autumn, and an Early Access period in July, we asked Kinship about if there are any other maps or game modes planned down the line. "For every single map, we have three different layouts, which would just be a change of topology," mentioned Kinship. "So, change of position, size of the lanes. There's a map currently that only has one lane, and you have to defend it a little bit differently. The other thing we are going to do is create game modes. Those are mainly going to be for fun, so to say, but not exactly the core, or main experience of Skydome."

You can sign up for the Skydome closed beta today (at this link) to check it out before it heads into Early Access next month. To get a further look at what Skydome is bringing to the table, make sure to take a look at the latest trailer for the game above.


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