Skylanders Trap Team

Skylanders gets two new elements - Light and Dark

New Trap Masters, new trap for capturing villains and a special level included on each Elemental Quest Pack.

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Activision has announced two entirely new elements for Skylanders Trap Team, Light and Dark. On December 22, stores will be receiving two Elemental Quest Packs, each containing a Trap Master, a special trap to capture Light or Dark villains, and a location piece that will unlock a special level in Skylanders Trap Team. Each Elemental Quest Pack will cost €29.95.

"It's amazing to see how deeply engrossed and fascinated our fans have been with the lore of the Skylanders franchise," said John Coyne, vice president of Consumer Marketing at Activision Publishing, Inc. "By unveiling new Light and Dark elements and heroes to the Skylanders universe, our fans around the world will have new ways of exploring all the magic, excitement and fun of Skylands."

Knight Light will the the Trap Master for the Light Elemental Quest Pack, while the Dark pack will be getting Knight Mare.

Skylanders Trap TeamSkylanders Trap Team
Knight Light
Skylanders Trap TeamSkylanders Trap Team
Knight Mare

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